Simple Cures

Violence and mental health problems, two separate issues that may well be related to each other, have recently drawn national attention.
Arming everyone to the teeth tilts the scales towards violence, and is therefore not a preferred means towards reaching our goal state of a kinder, gentler nation. Concerning mental health, certainly there are individuals among us who suffer from real physiological and psychological deprivations. But it is our belief that a great majority of 'mental health' issues stem from more mundane cultural effects - a marked lack of love, intimacy, acceptance, engagement, and acts of kindness and encouragement in our society. We are therefore proposing a simple experiment involving your own family,  extended circle of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, or members of your local community.  Whenever possible try the following:

1. Offer a smile  share a smile    

 2. Shake a hand shake a hand


3. Share a hug      give a hug

Try one or all three as needed. Try this for 2-3 months and let us know if you don't see positive changes in the people around you.
From all your friends at BalancedNation.