Welcome to Balanced Nation

We are a diverse group.  Balanced Nation is made up of people who are employed and unemployed, students, differently abled, retirees, people with different cultural and faith backgrounds, and different learning experiences. All of us are dissatisfied--upset even--with the way things are going in America. All of us see and experience injustice in the current unbalanced political and economic system. All of us want a change, want a voice, and want leadership that reflects our values. Together, we are making that happen. Join us.

How We Work

We start with communication. Thoughtful discussion. Different points of view.
You're invited to join the discussion.  We’re excited to learn about common sense solutions that will restore balance in our society. We want your voice to be heard.

Next, we focus the disussion and proposed solutions. We ask you to take a close look.  Use your particular area of expertise to analyze proposed solutions. We want to know, "Do these solutions make sense when we take a closer look?"

Then, we take direct action. We’re more than talk and position papers. Our direct action plans are focused and grow out of our community discussions.

Finally, we report and evaluate the results of our efforts. Then, we talk some more, engage in more direct action, report more results . . . we keep going.

Balanced Nation invites readers (both ordinary citizens and subject matter experts) to participate in the ongoing search for answers to common problems that disturb the balance in our civic life.